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3 Reasons Why Your Company Culture Might be Driving Away Top Talent 

Gone are the days when an office strictly meant business and workspaces were regularly associated with a cold sterile environment that could transport the most jovial of beings into a trance of gloom and despair. Times have changed and so have the office cultures across organisations that now offer a more welcoming and open environment for the employees. Workplace culture is now on the list of top considerations for people hunting for a new job. While a great workplace culture can act as a magnet to attract the country’s best talent and retain existing employees, a company that does not offer an appealing workplace can end up missing out on the top talent in the market. So, if you are still wondering as to what it is that makes or breaks a company’s reputation among potential job searchers, here is a list of aspects of a poor work culture that you must know. Ignoring the ‘What’s in it for me’ aspect Most companies still believe that a simple job description with a little mention of the incentives is enough to make a career listing attractive for their dream candidate. However, the truth is quite the contrary. You need to tell the prospective employees about your attributes that set you apart from the competition in the market. Also known as the attraction stage of hiring, you must utilise this phase to explain the type of work culture and hierarchy you follow. Try to streamline the interview process as this demonstrates your consideration for the time and efforts of your candidate, and highlights a warm and inviting work culture that makes them feel they are in good hands. Not providing work convenience Not long ago, companies aimed to attract top talent by offering them additional perks such as in-house daycare, cafeterias, gym facilities and the like. However, people now pine for companies that can promise a flexible work culture with an adequate arrangement for telecommuting as well. ‘Work from home’, as they call, is one of the most appealing features of a great work culture that not only attracts potential candidates but also serves to considerably reduce the attrition rate across organisations. A remote work agreement is quite an appealing attribute of your work culture that allows your employees to work conveniently and develop a sense of loyalty towards the company. Lack of proper technology While most small enterprises fail to value its pertinence, incorporating advanced technologies and software that can make work easier and more efficient for your employees is a must. In order to maintain a competitive environment within your workplace and enhance the productivity of your top talent, you need to keep them abreast with the latest tech trends and provide adequate gadgets, such as tablets, whenever necessary.  

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