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5 Ways to Avoid Hiring Bias

Millions have faced this problem during interviews, while only a few have had the courage to address it. You will be surprised to know that even top-notch companies face an impasse while dealing with the pertinent problem of hiring bias. However, it is only fair that we, as members of the 21st century, seek for jobs that allow a diversified workforce with equality being maintained in all spheres of hierarchy.  

Frame job descriptions in a neutralised tone

Job descriptions act as an immediate mirror of perceiving the work culture in a company and should be structured in such a way so as to avoid unwanted sexism. According to research, words like ‘competitive’ or ‘determined’ tend to deter women from seeing themselves as suitable candidates for the jobs while a word like ‘cooperative’ appears to attract female attention. In order to avoid the application of gendered words, certain software applications like Textio can help regulate this problem which will aid in attracting a larger and more diversified pool of talent.  

Sieve through job applications in the same procedure

When it comes to evaluating resumes of prospective employees, be prepared to judge each one in the same way. Interviewers should closely maintain a norm and follow it religiously while evaluating each and every resume. The evaluator must keep in mind that eliminating eligible candidates due to discrimination in terms of gender, caste, race or colour ultimately hinders the success of the company.  

Objective interviews

Properly structured interviews go a long way to reduce unconscious bias in the hiring process. Interviews which apply the use of effective scorecards or aptitude tests ultimately aid the interviewer to filter the applications more objectively. The best way to battle biases is to include a diverse panel of interviewers, each hailing from different departments. This ensures the most effective way of evaluation without having to deal with partiality issues.  

Go for a sample test

Making candidates sit for a job sample test ensures a crystal clear way of hiring as it improves the scope of comparing the job capacities of one applicant with the other. Work sample tests also act as an effective guidance tool for predicting future job performances. A critical analysis of the sample tests effectively ousts the problem of judging candidates by their appearance, gender or any other undesirable parameters of selection.  

Continuously monitor the hiring process 

When it comes to hiring the right candidates for your company, continually supervise the entire hiring process and go through each and every step meticulously. Do not leave any stone unturned as a single false step can have the possibility of ruining your company’s image. Although it is very difficult to spot individual cases of bias in the hiring process, there are chances of disparities arising when viewed in totality. Hence every single stage of hiring should be monitored upon extensively to filter the best and the most deserving candidates.  

Keeping the above principles in mind will ensure an unbiased and unprejudiced system of hiring and promote equity.  

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