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Employee Motivation: What Do Motivated Employees Bring to the Table?

Research has shown that employees who aren’t motivated and aren’t engaged by their managers tend to quit their jobs earlier than their counterparts who are motivated. At a time when the talent pool is so weak, it becomes imperative for managers to retain their workforce by engaging and motivating them. Apart from this, nurturing highly motivated employees is one of the best things a company can do. A motivated workforce is one of the greatest assets a company can have. Here are a few ways in which engaged and motivated employees add value to the company: Greater sense of responsibility Motivated employees always tend to be more responsible about their work. Managers will seldom see such employees fooling around or being complacent about their work. Motivated employees will also be very careful about the work they give in and they will ensure that they aren’t negligent or sloppy. More proactive An engaged and motivated workforce is often more proactive to challenges and problems. If they do foresee any problems, you can be sure that they will have contingency plans ready. Motivated employees are always on their toes and are looking for new market opportunities that the company can tap. Highly perseverant When employees are motivated, they will ensure that the work they submit is of the highest level of quality. They are also more likely to put in time and effort to get things right, if there are errors. More productive A hallmark of highly motivated employees is how they always think of ways that can make operational processes more efficient and productive. You will often find them coming up with solutions or suggestions that are sure to make your life easier. Extremely loyal When a company puts in the effort to keep their employees motivated and engaged, they find that their attrition rates remain extremely low. A workforce is usually motivated when they are happy with the way their professional life is shaping up. When they are satisfied with how things are in the company, they are less likely to quit. Highly creative Given that they are more proactive and productive, motivated employees are more likely to be extremely creative. They will offer more ideas for product innovations or process upgrades and they will put in the effort to see these ideas come to fruition. Very trustworthy When employees are motivated and happy with their managers and companies, they never indulge in activities that can cause harm to the business. In small-size businesses, a motivated workforce will take on the accountability and responsibility to do the job, giving the owner time to think about the growth of the company.  

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