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Employee Onboarding – The First 90 Days

Employees are one of your greatest assets and that’s pretty much a fact by now. That’s exactly why welcoming your newest hires into the organisation is a critical task. How you onboard them can determine how comfortable they feel working for you. Needless to say, that, in turn, determines whether they’re going to stick with you or not. So, here are a few key steps to take as part of your first 90 days of onboarding. This is the period within which your new employee decides whether to stay or go. The basics When your new hire reports for his/her first day on the job, make sure they don’t feel left out. Apart from the usual welcoming formalities, make sure you’re there to introduce them to everyone in the team. It is important that you familiarise them with who they’ll be working with. Don’t end the introductions with just the names and designations of each team member. Discuss the role of each team member and what their duties are. In fact, get them handling their own tasks on the first day. Are they supposed to talk to customers? Well, get them on the phone with one right away. At the end of the day, call them into your office and have a discussion of how the day went. Ask them whether they had trouble with something or if there are any doubts that need to be cleared. Set goals and offer support Make sure you have targets in place for what the new employee will be doing in the first 90 days. Show them what path they need to take and what the organisation expects from them. Once you establish the goals, make sure you also create a support system that helps your new hire achieve those goals. Providing direction with support can go a long way in establishing employee loyalty. Assessment and feedback Once the new hire has settled in after a week or so, take the time to talk to them about how things are going. Don’t ignore them just because they’ve settled in. This can make them feel isolated and lead to demotivation. Carry out an assessment of their work and send them regular feedback so that they know they’re being watched. Not only does this ensure productivity at their end, but, it also shows that they are valued. Finally, conduct the post-90-days review to determine whether the employee has finally understood how things work around in the new place. If you’ve followed the previous two steps, your employee shouldn’t have any trouble getting acclimated to the new setting.  

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