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Does your job keep you up at night or fray your nerves? A little stress can actually be healthy and productive. But if you are constantly overwhelmed with your endless “to do” lists and dread going to work every day, you need help! Workplace stress is common. More than 65% of employees in Australia are stressed. Stress at work leads to mental and physical health problems. A study showed more than 45% of Australians will experience a mental health concern in their lifetime. When mental health issues of employees remain untreated, they can cost $30 billion annually for the employers! Mental health issues are also the reason why one in five employees takes time off from work, according to the study! Workplace stress increases the risk of obesity, high blood pressure, psychological distress including anxiety, depression and nervousness according to a WHAA (Workplace Health Association Australia) study. Why do employees get so stressed? Let’s look at some common causes of employee stress. Bad boss! A bad boss can be the major cause of workplace stress. Poor leadership and CEOs who do not value mental health at work place are the reason why employees look for new jobs! Bad/negative vibes at the workplace from bosses are also one of the top reasons for employees getting stressed or quitting. Micromanaging bosses or work places that leave little room for airing concerns can add to stress levels of employees. Office politics, harassment or bullying from coworkers or boss are listed as some of the major stressors at the workplace. Job satisfaction A survey showed those who would look for a new job in the next year feel their job does not provide satisfaction. Employees who feel their skills are not utilised fully at work are also highly stressed. Those who do not receive recognition or praise for a well-executed job are also likely to be highly stressed, according to the survey. Work life balance Long hours of commute and work can disrupt work life balance, leaving little time for family and fun. One of the top contributors to workplace stress is unmanageable workload or unrealistic expectations from management. Technology seems to have made the situation worse! 65% of Australian employees believe that “new and emerging technologies “are making it difficult for them to “switch off” completely from work. Lack of support Not having anyone to talk to when stressed further adds to the stress levels! In a study, 75% of employees believed support at the workplace for managing stress was important. But 35% of employees also said they did not have access to or were not aware of any support system in place at work.  


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