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Five Tips to Hire Better

Hiring the right candidate is a challenge for recruiters! In fact, surveys show finding suitable candidates is a top challenge that recruiters face. Experts say unstructured interviews and hiring biases can lead to hiring the wrong person for the right job. Here are five tips to streamline the hiring process to make sure you find the right candidate.  

Focus on attitude: Experience gets you the right candidate only 14% of the time, according to studies! Many recruiters tend to focus on qualifications, skills and experience. But studies show these factors, while important, are not the only ones to focus on. A Harvard Business School study showed 93% of success at the workplace is because of attitude and not from perfect qualifications. Attitude is more important than intelligence, knowledge and skills according to the study. A lesser experienced candidate may have the right attitude to pick up the required skills while a highly experienced person may lack motivation to improve his or her skills.  

Be objective: Investing in smart recruitment software can help remove personal biases while hiring that can include gender, race or culture. Define the objective criteria for hiring and let the software do the rest!  

Listen: Striking the right balance of listening and speaking during an interview is critical to getting the maximum information from the candidate. Experts say interviewers should listen 80% of the time.  

Structure the interview: Have a standardized interview that helps evaluate the most important skills and attitude you are looking for. Structured interviews help you to stay on track during the interview and not waste time on irrelevant details. Standardizing also is a great way to remove hiring biases.  

Be prepared: The interviewer is the one who represents the company! More than 60% of candidates say they had a “poor experience” during the interview. More often than not, the poor experience comes from a recruiter who is not well prepared for the interview. Surveys show candidates zero in on the company where the recruiter was well versed with the job profile, resume and was well organised.  

On an average, every job attracts more than 250 resumes and not all of the candidates who are filtered and interviewed have all of the skills listed in the job profile. Here is where the recruiter needs to know which core skills matter the most.  

If the recruiter is not well versed with the core skills the job requires, the chances of finding the best match for the job may be slim! Some other mistakes recruiters often make are arriving late for the interview and rushing through the interview process. Assess the skills: Resumes tell only half the story and even structured interviews may not give the complete objective picture. Giving specific assignments can test the relevant skills of the candidate better.  


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