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 Here’s How Communication Affects the Productivity of Your Team

A strong system of communication is the foundation of a productive organisation. Operations run smoothly when companies spend time and effort constantly keeping in touch with their employees by talking to them and engaging them. It’s been observed that opening up lines of communication significantly brings down error rate, increases output, and reduces on-floor injuries and accidents. How does poor communication impact efficiency? Poor communication will lead to a disconnect between top management strategising and ground level realities. Employees will be unaware of what is exactly expected out of them and this may lead to more errors, injuries, and accidents. Open communication in the form of regular emails, newsletters, team meetings, conferences and more will allow managers and employees to come up with new ways to increase the efficiency of their operations. But, how does this work? A two-way street Most employees have ideas to improve the operational efficiency of their jobs. If given the chance, they will be willing to put in their time, effort, and focus on bringing in positive changes at the operational level. When you communicate with your employees, you give them the opportunity to actively contribute to the running of the organisation. Letting them know that you need their help and that you value their suggestions will motivate and push them to find better, more efficient and effective ways to complete the job. Employee participation in management decisions is another way in which companies can communicate with their workforce. Allowing employees to have a say in the strategic decision-making process will make them more willing to set aside their doubts and take on challenging requests. This will also create a sense of ownership in your workforce, which makes them more responsible and accountable for their actions. It’s been observed that engaged employees tend to think outside-the-box and offer valuable suggestions for process improvements. Keeping employees in the loop about product innovations, process upgrades, management change-overs and other important organisational decisions will make them less resistant to change and more malleable to suggestions. They will be more willing to put in the work necessary to make new projects successful. Finally, communication in the form of feedback acts as the greatest trigger to motivate employees to bring in more productivity and efficiency in the way they work. Employees tend to work harder and better when organisations provide them with the support they need for professional development. When the lines of communication are kept open, it allows for a smoother and more seamless interaction between managers and subordinates. This allows every member of the organisation to work together to bring in the positive changes that are necessary to increase the productivity of the organisation.  

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