Hiring for Diversity

Diversity in the Workplace

The facts are in, diversity is good for your organisation. So, the big question now isn’t about whether or not you should have a diverse workforce. It’s about how you can start hiring for diversity.  

Studies show that a diverse workforce boosts business growth, establishes a creative environment, drives innovation, and increase revenue. So, if you’re still finding it hard to figure out how to hire a diverse workforce, here are a few ideas to help you out.  

Get rid of unconscious biases  

The biggest threat to diversity hiring is unconscious bias. Unconscious bias is defined as the inherent bias that we possess against certain people, races, cultures, religions or genders. For instance, it has been found that men are preferred over women even when they have identical resumes.  

The only way to combat this is by acknowledging the fact that we all have an unconscious bias of some sort. It could be anything from racial bias to even an age bias. The first step to change comes from awareness. So, educate your recruiters and ask them to recognise any unconscious bias that they may possess.  

You can also conduct an awareness training program that can help your hiring teams identify inherent biases and combat them with effective approaches.  

Word your job ads to encourage diverse applicants  

It is possible that you might turn away some applicants by choosing to word your ads wrongly. This may not be intentional. But, as mentioned earlier, if there is a problem, you must accept and acknowledge.  

Studies show that even the slightest changes in wording can alter the meaning behind the message you are trying to communicate. So, if you notice that only a certain group of people are applying for a job, it’s probably because there’s a word in there that communicates the wrong message.  

Ensure accessibility  

Most countries have laws ensuring that companies remain accessible to people with disabilities. In fact, disability is probably the one dimension of diversity that often gets ignored. So, don’t wait for laws to be erected.  

Lead the change in your region or industry by making your organisation accessible. Doing so communicates to prospective candidates that you’re an open organisation that supports diversity and inclusivity.  

Remember, accessibility isn’t just limited to your physical infrastructure. Even your intangible assets such as websites must be accessible.  


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