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What do Hudl, Airbnb, Facebook and Google have in common? These are some examples of hyper growth companies. Fast growth in all verticals defines these hyper growth companies. For example, sports analytics company Hudl doubled their staff and took over three other businesses in a span of just two years! Building a talented team to take the company to the next level of growth is a challenge! So, how should you align hiring strategies to keep pace with your company’s hyper growth? Let’s now look at some smart hiring strategies. Define the strategy According to Steve Jobs, “Strategy is figuring out what not to do”. Hiring needs to be a collaborative process between the top management and the HR team. Aligning the strategy with the vision of the company is important. Ask questions like “Do we want to acquire particular skill sets?” “Do we want to go global?” “Are we bringing in new products or services?” The answers to these questions let you figure out what you should focus on and what you should not! The goals can be better examined from every angle when all the team members involved in recruiting collaborate effectively. Strengthen the hiring team Jack Welch says, “Getting the right people in the right jobs is more important than developing a strategy”. To get the right people who can be the right fit in the hyper growing company, you would need to strengthen the HR team. When you need specific skill sets, you need a specialist recruiter who is a master in that area. Having generalists in the HR team will not serve the purpose of a hyper growing company. If you are looking to hire technology experts, the HR team needs to have a tech recruiter. If hiring a medical expert, look for a specialist in that area. Focused specialist recruiters can boost the chances of getting the right talent in quick time. Define the long-term career path Silicon Valley’s top recruiter Troy Sultan notes that hiring needs to be “Built into the DNA of a hyper growth company”. Hiring in quick time and hiring right is difficult. Rushing the hire can result in costly mistakes and a huge waste of resources and money! Successful hyper growth companies do this by making every employee, including the founders and top leaders, part of the recruiting and hiring process. Employees are a long-term investment and are expected to build the brand value in the years to come. And these are the ones who can help in getting the next set of talent through their social connections. Employee referrals and recommendations are a smart way of speeding up the hiring process.

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