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How to Make Your New Team Member Feel Welcome

On Boarding Employee

When it comes to onboarding an employee, most recruiters find themselves involved with executing all the necessary formalities ranging from paperwork to conducting a tour of the office. Thanks to the ensuing chaos, one very important aspect of the onboarding process is often ignored – making the new employee feel welcome. It isn’t enough to just show the ropes. If you aim to keep the employee feeling enthusiastic, you need to make them feel welcome. Employees, even on the first day, need to feel appreciated and as a part of the team. So, if you’ve got an onboarding event coming along, here are a few tips to guide you. Make it look like you’ve been expecting them More often than not, new employees arrive at their new job only to realise that their co-workers were left uninformed of a new arrival. Even worse is the fact that some organisations aren’t even prepared for their new arrival. You’ll often see the department head or supervisor trying to figure out stuff in the last minute in order to accommodate the new hire. Don’t let this happen to you. If you’ve got a new employee coming over, make sure everything that he/she needs is kept ready and that the team is informed. You may not realise it, but, doing this can make new hires feel like they’re wanted. Help them settle down If your new hire comes from a completely different city, state or country, everything can feel overwhelming. So, getting them acquainted with the workplace is one thing, but, making them feel at home is another. So, don’t hesitate to consider the more informal aspects of the situation. Help them get settled down not just in their job, but, also in other areas of their life. For instance, you can provide them with information on where to find cheap housing or which restaurant has the best food. You can also discuss how the workplace really runs. For instance, if there are certain cultural elements that need to be shared, you should share it with them. Maybe people like being referred to in a certain way around the office or maybe there’s a culture of co-workers meeting up for dinner and drinks once a week. The same can be applied when it comes to the overall culture of the town or city your organisation is based in. Establish a mentor program Now, HR can’t be running around doing everything for the new employee. This is where mentors can come in handy. Identify the right mentor for the new hire and let them handle the job of onboarding the new hire after you’re done. Mentors can provide the regular guidance that HR may not have the time for. Plus, the new hire has someone to depend on and trust for the first few days.  

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