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Motivating Your Team to Do Their Best Work

Motivating Your Team

Every organisation dreams of having a super-team of workers who can contribute their best on an almost daily basis. However, it’s an uphill task to actually make this happen. Employees are humans and more often than not, they require a little push to keep things going. In other words, they need motivation. As they say, motivated employees are productive employees that deliver results. So, here are a few ways in which you can motivate your employees to offer their best. Make sure they are paid well Now, we aren’t saying you just go about handing out massive salary packages. However, each employee has a certain value that can be deduced by measuring their performance and contribution. So, if you pay them according to those metrics, you’ll find that they’ll keep delivering top-notch performance and try to even challenge themselves. Statistics tell us that around 26% of employees will quit their current job for something as low as a 5% hike in another firm. So, keep your employees satisfied in the pay department and you won’t have to deal with threats to quit or low productivity. Establish a positive work environment Nobody wants to work in an environment that leaves them feeling depressed or frustrated. High pressure is fine, but, not to the point where employees simply want to walk out and never come back. It’s you who loses at the end. So, make sure the work environment is a positive one that encourages employees to aim higher. This can include altering everything from the tangible to the intangible. Don’t micro-manage There is absolutely no need to keep an eye on your employees 24x7. This has proven to be a counter-intuitive system of extracting or monitoring productivity. As humans, employees require their space to think and assess matters in order to provide the best results. Having someone literally breathing down their neck is the exact opposite of that. Empathise Negative reinforcement, time and again, has proven to be a useless method of squeezing out performance. Plus, it leads to the creation of a toxic work environment. In order to get the best, employers need to offer the best. In this case, offering support and encouragement when needed. Employers need to build relationships and establish a rapport with their teams to know what’s really going on. Once employees know that the employer cares, it motivates them to keep going.  

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