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 Motivation in the Workplace: How to Stay Productive Post-Lunch

If you work a day job, you are sure to have faced this problem. The few hours after lunch has a serious drop off in productivity. In fact, the deeper into the week you go, the worse off you are in terms of productive work completion. That is actually quite normal. Why it happens There is actual scientific evidence to show that your post-lunch slump is not because you are lazy, it is just the way the body functions. Circadian rhythms dictate when the body sleeps and when it stays active. There are natural ups and downs to this rhythm, and through the day, there is a few 'drop off' that you have to deal with. Add to the work that the digestive tract has to take up- breaking down that massive meal you just ate will give you an initial energy boost as the sugar starts to rise in the blood. After about an hour, these levels drop and the high is lost, making you feel drowsy. Now that you know why it happens, let’s look at ways to combat this. Get some movement After lunch, don’t jump back into work right away. Take a walk around the office, go down a flight of stairs, anything. You need some form of light exercise. You can simply stretch if none of those things are possible. Go to the park If your office is near a park, take that walk to the park and have yourself a twenty-minute break from lights, carpets, screens, and keyboard sounds. If there is no park, your office space is bound to have a lawn or a rooftop setup with a garden and things like that. Get yourself some green time; simply stare at trees, flowers, birds, and little animals. It will surely lift your mood and help you refocus. Animal interaction If the park you go to has a few animals, play with a dog or a cat, simply watch them frolic on the grass. Some places have bird enclosures and aquariums. Even minimal interaction with animals will lift your spirits. Coffee breaks Coffee is a wonderful drug when used right. Apart from your morning coffee, also have a mid-day coffee for a quick boost of energy. The trick though is to not live off of it. Do not take a swig every time you feel down, you will end up paying for it in hours of sleep. It is said that the ideal coffee break post lunch is at 2 pm. Apart from the above pointers, some of the more obvious ones are to eat light and healthy meals, drink more water than you are drinking right now, and cut down on direct sugars as much as possible.  

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