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Recruiting and Hiring Funnel – How to do it Right

The “funnel” analogy is applied to the sales function as a system that enables measurement and optimisation with the ultimate goal of gaining success. The same system, interestingly, can be applied to the recruitment process as well with, of course, the primary objective being hiring better employees.  

In the recruitment funnel, there are typically 5 steps that help with achieving the end goal. In this blog, we will be taking a look at those 5 steps, and try to figure out how these steps can be improved and leveraged to the maximum.  

Create awareness  

The first step has to do with creating awareness about the job position and also, about the organisation. The latter part is what most organisations fail to include. Today’s candidate isn’t interested in signing up for a job in an organisation he/she has no clue about.  

Everybody wants to work for a great employer, but, a great employer needs to communicate how great it is. So, optimise this first step with content that impresses the candidate. Use videos, images and employee testimonials to offer clearer details about the work atmosphere and the ethos of the organisation.  

Finding good candidates  

The second step involves finding the right candidates via multiple sources. Now, there are many platforms that need to be leveraged here and some might be more effective than others for your particular organisation.  

This could include employee referrals, job boards, previous applicants and social media. To make the most of these platforms, you can also implement what is known as an Applicant Tracking System. These systems can help you collect data on what sources are working best for you and how far they’re pushing candidates through the tunnel.  

Convincing the applicant  

Candidates already know that you’re hiring and they’re willing to apply. However, to make it more efficient for you and the candidate, you need to make sure the job description is as clear as possible. The candidate must be given a proper idea of what is expected.  

This makes it easier for him/her to make a decision and streamlines your recruitment process as well. You can deal with fewer of the “not so ideal” applicants.  

Interview & Assessment  

At this stage in the funnel, you have already narrowed down to a specific list. This is where you get the opportunity to give candidates an even more in-depth picture of what’s expected while testing the candidate at the same time.  

Also, don’t make the experience negative. Keep it positive so that the rejected applicants still have a favourable perception of your organisation.  

Make the offer  

This is the bottom of the funnel and a crucial point at that. This is where you need to “Close the deal”. Don’t waste too much time. Conduct the necessary negotiations regarding pay and benefits immediately and come to an agreement.  

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