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Signs it’s Time to Terminate

One of the hardest things you’re going to be asked to do, as a manager or boss, is to fire an incompetent or problem employee. However, that’s part and parcel of being a boss. Sticking with a problem employee can create a toxic work environment and damage your own reputation. What’s worse is that it can damage your organisation’s reputation as well and you don’t want that. Of course, there is always a grace period, but, how do you know when enough is enough. Well, here are a few key signs to look out for. If you spot these signs, it’s high time you showed your problem employee the exit. MIA One of the first signs you’ll come across with problem employees is that they are always missing in action. Now, a lot of employees may go MIA once in awhile, but, problem employees do this too often. In fact, problem employees might even report for work and still go missing from their work spots. This is a major red flag. Other red flags you need to watch out for are ridiculous explanations for the absence and also, frustration among his/her co-workers for having to fill-in. The moment you start seeing these signs, you need to take action and in this case, it’s sacking the man/woman. Integrity Integrity is something that takes a lot of effort to restore if it has been ruined. However, employees are human and they will make mistakes that make clients or customers question your organisation’s integrity. However, if there’s an employee who has ruined your integrity more than twice, it’s time to let him/her go. Failure to respond to feedback As we already stated above, mistakes happen. However, good employees take responsibility and take the time to understand when and where they went wrong. They try to fix those mistakes and they respond positively to the feedback you provide them. If an employee isn’t responding to feedback repeatedly, it’s time to terminate. It is important that you provide a timely feedback. Consistent bad behaviour Behavioural issues are a major problem and sadly, there are rare cases where even your most productive employees can be capable of such behaviour. Bad behaviours here can include anything from bad mouthing co-workers to undermining management strategies. It doesn’t matter how awesome this employee is, you need to let them go. Eventually, they will become a liability. So, don’t compromise because they’re being productive now. Look at the possible risk in the future. You don't’ want a mutiny on your hands. Take the right decision based on facts no matter how hard it is!  

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