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Signs that You Should Hire a Candidate 

Finding the right candidate for a position can be a great challenge. Studies show that an average corporation can receive over 200 applications for a single job opening. Do you know how many applications actually get shortlisted? Just about 6. But, here’s the thing – narrowing down isn’t an easy task either. In fact, most recruiters have a hard time figuring out which applicants meet their requirements the best. If you’re a recruiter who is currently in this position, there are a few general signs that you can look for to determine if a particular candidate is worth hiring. They seem enthusiastic Remember how it feels when someone appreciates a compliment or something you’ve done for them? It feels good, right? Well, that’s what a candidate should make you feel like. A good candidate will often be very enthusiastic about the new job. So, watch out for enthusiasm. Studies show that enthusiastic candidates are likelier to produce high-quality work and also stay longer in the organisation. They’re on time for the interview If a candidate is late for the interview, you can pass them on. Interviews are a critical part of the hiring process and good candidates value the opportunity provided to them. After all, this is their chance to make a positive impression. Of course, there can be genuine reasons for a delay. But, smart candidates do their best to avoid last minute issues. They leave earlier than usual in order to avoid problems such as traffic or locating the office address. The only time you can excuse someone for being late is when there has been an emergency or if the candidate meets all your other requirements. However, treat late arrival as a warning. In most cases, latecomers are not ideal candidates. They ask the right questions It’s not just the answers a candidate provides that sets him/her apart. A good candidate is someone who also asks the right questions. If one of the current candidates is able to ask thoughtful or intelligent questions, this shows that they pay attention and have an ability to think on their feet. They’re not too confident There is a general belief that confident candidates are good for the job. However, there is a big difference between being confident and being too confident. Does your candidate have too many good things to say about themselves or do they have answers for everything? This isn’t always a good sign. It can mean that you have a person in front of you who may not take well to criticism. An ideal candidate has the right mix of humility and confidence. They can speak of their weaknesses just as much as they speak about their strengths.  

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