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Talent Management

As the level of competition heightens within the organisational and business environments, the importance of human capital cannot be understated. Companies are in dire need of key figures who can serve as links between multiple knowledge silos in order to revolutionise the way things are normally done. More importantly, companies need such figures to bring in change when and where it is required. It’s pretty much the only way to ensure survival. 

Often, most organisations already have a few of these figures hiding within the current workforce. These figures are capable of leveraging their experience, skills, and knowledge to derive the maximum value possible from the resources that are provided to them. But, that’s not all.  

Such figures can extract productivity from the remaining workforce, provide innovative ideas, and create intellectual property that strengthens the company’s existing intellectual resources.  

So, how can organisations and businesses make the most of such key figures? Well, here are a few suggestions.  

Continue hiring the right people  

Companies need to develop a robust screening process. This is necessary because no amount of training can fix the problems that come with hiring the wrong talent. Also, if you miss out on the right talent, you can be sure that some of them are already headed into the arms of your competitors.  

In a globalised world, all organisations have equal access to the best resources and data. The key is to find how these resources and data can be leveraged.  

Say no to information silos  

Success in today’s organisational landscape is heavily dependent on breaking down information silos. The problem with silos, as we all know, is that they restrict valuable information from being shared with the other key players in an organisation.  

Business agility can be achieved only when resources and information are shared. More often than not, the resources needed to face a fresh challenge is stuck within these silos.  

Collaboration is key and in order to create a collaborative work environment, the metrics to measure success must be common to all. Other than that, the tools to establish collaboration must also be made available to everyone. This can include everything from data to specialised skills.  

Don’t forget your standards  

Finally, never compromise on established standards. This is where the top management can play a role. As stakeholders in the company, they obviously aim to see it grow and succeed. Therefore, their expectations from an employee often reflect their ambitions for the organisation.  

However, as it is impossible for the top management to always play a direct role in hiring practices, they need to communicate and also enforce the established standards among managers, who do play a more direct role in hiring processes.  

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