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Coaching as an Effective Tool for Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a vital part of any management’s role as leaders. It is not enough that you greet your team in the morning and say goodbye as you leave work every day. You need to have constant engagement and you need to have them communicate with you as a manager, bringing their queries. There is not a lot a manager can expect from their team in times of crisis or even expect them to show a bit of loyalty to the company if the manager does not really engage their teams.  

How coaching can help  

Back in the days, a simple form that was filled out anonymously would often have sufficed in terms of engagement. The survey would have had a few MCQs and the results would be published on a dashboard. The team lead would then discuss it in a meeting. Nowadays, employee engagement means much more. It is up to the employers now to create a work environment that is more fulfilling for their teams to work in so that they can thrive and grow.  

Coaching both employees and employers can bring about certain changes that at first will force the team to engage with the management, then become a habit and a way of working, which is the goal.  

Coaching needs to be incorporated with the following qualities and measures for it to work:  

• Setting and agreeing on objectives and goals. • Creation of SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant/ Resourced, Time-bound) action plans. • Provision to give and receive feedback on the go. • Encouraging an environment where coaching is not dreary and departing from everyday work. • Establishing trust, applying ethical standards, and practising active listening as a base.  

A study conducted by the Human Capital Institute found that the organisations that engaged in regular coaching were able to report high levels of engagement from end to end when compared with organisations that did not give any importance to coaching. 62% of the employees in such organisations rated themselves as being highly engaged. 51% of the surveyed organisations also came to higher revenues when their staff and management showed higher levels of engagement. This only proves that engagement is good, not only for the morale and working conditions of the employees but also for the company as a whole.  

Motivated employees are able to work more effectively, thereby increasing the overall revenue of their firm. Engagement brings in a certain camaraderie within employees and they really want to make a difference if they are given the opportunity to.  

Coaching is not just something that employees and team members need to go through. It is often the managers and leaders that need to be coached more, if not just as much as their Talent Members.  

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