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How to Recruit Using Social Media

Finding the right fit for the job is a challenge that all recruiters face. There are a thousand prospects that one could choose from, but, how can they all be reached. In the past, this challenge would have made most recruiters question their career choices. Fortunately, we do not live in the past anymore. Today, we have what is known as “social media” and it has made the life for recruiters a little easier. Social media, though primarily used for establishing social connections, is also turning out to be a brilliant tool to identify and recruit the best talent possible. It’s called social recruiting. The trick is to engage with social media users and building relationships with them with the intent of hiring them. If you’re a recruiter wondering how social media can be leveraged towards successful recruitment, here are a few ideas and strategies. Take part in social conversations Social conversations happen all the time on social media platforms. However, to meet your objectives, you must focus on the right conversations. For instance, social media sites such as LinkedIn have groups and hashtags that can be leveraged to meet your goals. For instance, if you are hiring for an IT team, look for IT groups or hashtags. Also, keep participating in those conversations to make an impact. This will eventually get you noticed and the enthusiasm will look attractive to prospective employees. Promote your work culture Don’t just sit there posting about open positions in the company. Discuss your company a little further. People like to know who they might be working for in the future. Create and post content that highlights the most positive aspects of your firm. Also, make the content interesting. The more interesting your content, the more it is likely to be shared. Get your existing employees involved In marketing, businesses use what is known as “word of mouth” to sell a product. This strategy leverages relationships to convince buyers about a certain service or product. It’s quite simple really. People buy a product when their friends or acquaintances, who have already used the product, tell them it’s good. This can be used in recruitment as well. Your best bet is with your own employees. When employees post about their experiences with you, people will take them seriously because the information is coming from the horse’s mouth. So, encourage your employees to post about their job-related experiences on social media. One way to encourage them is to offer them benefits. Google, for instance, rewards employees with a referral fee for recommending prospective hires. The strategy obviously works well for Google considering the fact that 50% of the workforce consists of referrals.  

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