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How to Shift to Jobs Outside Your Field

If you are in the wrong profession and are not able to stand the work you do every day, a shift in industry might be the answer. People are forced to choose their professions early in life and many, if not most of us, start off in the wrong field. The nature of the job, the hours, the pay, and the job satisfaction might just not be what you are looking for. In fact, people stuck in the wrong job might start to resent and regret their every life choice. What to expect The idea is to not ever give up on your dream job. It is out there, you only need to find it. Now, before you quit your current job, you need to keep a few things in mind. Are you ready to shift? For those in professions that involve special training and qualifications like law and medicine, you need to understand that in the new industry, you might have to start back at the bottom. If you want to get into journalism after you have worked for a few years as a surgeon, you cannot really take this knowledge over as experience in the field because you do not really have experience in the field. Lifestyle changes Lifestyle changes are inevitable when it comes to industry shifts. You will be seeing a lot of people with whom you might not have very many things in common. Taking the same example as above, doctors and surgeons take up different social groups when compared to journalists and writers. You might have to change a lot about yourself. Another major shift will be the work timings. People often get out of jobs that have unbearable, irregular work timings and settle for jobs that might pay less, but give more leeway for life. Pay and salary changes Your change in lifestyle normally comes hand in hand with your change in pay. It can swing both ways. You might start making a lot more money or much less. Either way, you need to brace for some major changes in your life with regards to money. All of these above pointers have been put together considering the fact that you have the skill and will to shift jobs and still make it in the new profession. Shifting lanes of such proportions is not easy. In fact, you are more than likely going to have to struggle your way through the first few years before you settle into the job, so do not give up on what you are going for. As long as you let your passion drive you, you would be able to make the transition successfully.  

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