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The Difference Between a Job and a Career

A job is something you do to earn money. There is no other motivation for you to be engaged in the job, but for money. A career, on the other hand, is something that is a string of employment opportunities that help you grow in your selected field. You will eventually move on to better positions based on the skills you accrue in your previous jobs and take up more and more responsibilities. That is a career. A career is a continuous building process that lasts a lifetime. When building a career, you will be moving between jobs.  

It is to not say that the job you are in right now will not become a fully fledged career later on in life. In fact, there are people who started off in small jobs who then converted those jobs as the starting point of their careers. It only matters that you find your field and stick to it.  

Are you in a job or are you building a career?  

Jobs can be easily identified by the impact it has on your finances, your skills, and your employment prospects. If you can move to another job and use the experience you gain in your current position as a boost in your resume, you are on the right path. If you can’t, you are in a job.  

A career is something that lays the foundation for your professional life for years. Every place you work in will add to your development as an employee. Soon, you will find yourself in managerial positions based on the all the previous years of working in relevant positions. When you are in a job, you meet people, hang out, maybe get a few drinks after work, but it ends there. A career has you building networks where you are speaking with people from different places and has skills to offer. Contacts like these are vital in case they need you or you need their help in some way.  

Take the example of a person working in a supermarket. That is a job, right? Yes, but it might be a lot more for some. They might want to one day become a manager, then move on to higher things from there. Is it possible? Yes. It is possible only if the person is willing to learn the basics of accounting, stocking, and other skills that are basic requirements for a store manager.  

It all comes down to whether or not you are willing to put in the hard work that is required to build a career. Building a career is not easy. It is a journey that requires your total dedication and willingness to move forward no matter what!  


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