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Things to Know About Organisational Culture  

Organisational culture is one of the few things a prospective employee wants to know about before joining the company. It is one of the most important driving forces that sets targets and maintains the workflow in an organisation. Here are a few things which will help shape your knowledge about work culture. What is organisational culture? Organisational culture is the prevalent behavioural pattern in an organisation which incorporates a shared system of beliefs, values, and assumptions among the employees. It defines the way employees work, act, dress, behave, talk, and perform their daily operations in the company. Culture forms one of the most fundamental principles influencing the productivity of an employee in an organisation. Organisational culture is synonymous with words such as ‘corporate culture’ or ‘company culture’ or even ‘work culture’ in the modern world of business. Why is organisational culture important? Many companies have their prejudiced nuances about work culture while some companies do not even believe in them in the first place. Since culture in intangible in terms of measurement, some people might not want to create a company culture or bring changes to the existing one. However, such stereotyped beliefs are strongly disapproved since your workplace is not simply a place where you work, it a place where you spend the major portion of the day. Work culture is an important term in the 21st century and yes, it does matter! When it comes to hiring the best candidates, who will want to work under pressure and stay loyal to the company at pressing situations, culture plays an enormous role in attracting them. It is a known fact that people have had their share of bad working experiences in the past and are in need of a change in their work life and environment. Hence, it is only justified that the present job offers them their due by welcoming them into a work culture that treats them as an equal and respects their values. Organisational culture helps in streaming productivity at the workplace too. Research shows that culture forms one of the most predominant factors affecting employee happiness which in turn increases productivity at work. When there is a driving work culture in the organisation, your peers and seniors will be more than supportive and helpful towards you which in turn will enhance your performance. Who builds the culture? Some companies have their culture defined by managers themselves, as they were the pioneers in envisioning the foundation of the company. This system works out well if the managers interact with their juniors on a regular basis, giving them a comprehensible account whether the work culture established for the company is really being followed by their employees or not. However, an ideal work culture is set by both managers and lower tier employees, a situation where every employee's' opinions are taken account of. This ensures a healthy environment where bosses do not dictate culture norms to their subordinates. Organisational culture at its best acts as a catalyst for innovative strategies and progressive thinking. 

So, be wise and treat your culture seriously!  


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