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Are Your WHS Compliant? 

Payroll Compliance 

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No matter how big or small your business is, once you employ your first staff member you have a responsibility under NSW Workover Legislation to implement a Work Health & Safety management systems

The tax man is someone you don’t want on your bad side. Should they spot inconsistencies, you may receive a tax audit

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Benefits of Performance Management

Positive Performance Management

Incentivising Productivity

A systemised process will allow you to focus on above the line activity and will provide you with a reliable method of monitoring and adjusting performance where required.

Performance management can be utilised to ensure your team members are firstly identified, then given an opportunity to develop their roles, skills and career further.

Rewarding a high performing team member with a meal out or a weekend away, or some other reward will have massive impact on morale, especially as the reward is given after achieving results rather than as an incentive to achieve.

Code of Conduct 

Terminating Employment

Why You Need to Create Policies and Procedures 

Does your business have a clearly defined code of conduct?  

There will come a time where you will need to terminate employees, and unless you are well informed on best practice, you could find yourself in a spot of bother... 

Policies and procedures help to ensure that things are done the same way, every time.

Types of Workplace Policy

Flexible Employment Options 

How to Create Workplace Policies and Procedures 

Policies and procedures help to ensure that things are done the same way, every time.

Does your business struggle with decreased engagement?  

A good starting point when creating policies it being clear on what they need to cover…  

Maintaining Consistency 

Transformational Leadership 

Why Policies Will Benefit You 

Policies and procedures help to ensure that things are done the same way, every time.

In hiring and growing a team of talent as opposed to staff, great leadership transforms to meet the needs of the business.

 Without policies explaining and defining the expectations of employees, what do you have to support your reasons to question an employee’s performance?  

Leaders Motivate

Certainty & Attracting Talent

How to Hire Right!

Motivating your team is not a once off task...

People love certainty and conversely a lack of certainty and clarity can leave people feeling confused, anxious and insecure..

Hiring a new talent member, it can make or break your business...

Maximising Productivity

Toxic Leadership

The Revolving Door

Do you have a team that believe their weekend starts on Friday? Productivity is key for growth…

There is an effective and ineffective way to lead a team. If you get it wrong, it will affect your team members and also your business.  

If employee engagement, satisfaction and retention aren’t on your priority list – they should be...

Communication & Leadership

The Importance of the Process

Flexible Employment Options

Poor communication takes place in every working environment…

What is the difference between a business that flourishes and a business that doesn’t achieve its goals and growth? 

Does your business struggle with decreased staff engagement?  

Cultivating Your Culture

Determining a Cultural Fit

Fostering Happiness

Once you have determined your culture, you can look at refining it…  

Determining the right candidate for your business is simple…

If you integrate some joy and laughter into your day, you will be amazed at the difference it brings to your workplace. For free! 

Strong Leadership 

Management vs Leadership

Ego, the Enemy of Culture

Strong leadership = team happiness!

Leaders inspire talent to excel and also give them autonomy… 

The ego Is one of the biggest barriers to people working effectively…

Authentic Leadership

Supporting Your Team Through Change 


Authenticity is the new currency. Authentic leaders can be seen as change agents in towards working environments.

The only thing guaranteed in business is change… not everyone deals with change positively. But with change, comes an opportunity for growth.  

You likely started your business some time back because somewhere along the track, you had a passion for it.

Hire Slow, Hire Right! 


Policies Have Your Back 

How do you maintain a positive culture while adding new members into your team? If you’re building your team fast, how do you keep a positive culture?  

When a member of your team is rewarded for the positive impact that they make to your business, it reinforces the message that their efforts are appreciated.

Do you know what best practice is?

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