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5 Office Design Trends You Need to Watch Out for in 2017

The way your office layout is designed has a direct impact on the productivity of your employees. Advancements in the field of ergonomics have given rise to new-age office designs that are devised to promote comfort and efficiency in the workplace. Here are five office design trends that are set to take 2017 by storm:  

Technology-powered offices  

With our dependence on technology increasing daily, today’s architects are looking at integrating technology and architecture. Office layouts will soon go wireless. Furniture with built-in computers and power adapters are some features that modern-day offices will use. Free boxes and free spaces with Bluetooth-powered devices will be set up on every floor to facilitate greater collaboration and higher productivity amongst employees who work on different floors of the office building.  

Adaptable layouts 

Today’s businesses grow and scale at varying rates. Additionally, requirements of companies change quite dynamically. Investing in multiple office spaces does not make sense. Instead, having a flexible office space that can be changed and adapted to the needs of the growing company is essential. Easily moveable furniture, temporary room set-ups, and cubicle-free layouts are now taking over.  

Smart furniture 

With adaptable layouts comes the need for smart furniture. Modular furniture is now in. Right from seating arrangements to workbenches, modular furniture are the future of smart and flexible office layouts. Use of reusable power outlets, breakout furniture, and manual-assembly elements will be on the rise. The focus will be on using collaborative furniture that will allow for a high-functioning and flexible workspace.  

Designs for productivity and comfort

While older office designs only sought to create a formal layout that allowed for increased work efficiency, new-age office designs also seek to bring comfort into the mix. It’s been observed that employees who are comfortable in their office setting tend to perform very well on the job. Large open spaces, plush sofas and pillows, and sit-stand desks are some of the new inclusions you might see in today’s offices. Some companies are even looking to add relaxation areas where employees can meditate or take a nap. Having gyms inside the offices will also be on the rise.  

Inclusion of natural elements

Being cooped up inside the office for a major part of the day affects the health and physical well-being of employees. These days, architects and office designers are including natural elements into the workspace. Wall colours and wallpapers are more nature-themed and pleasing to the eye. Greens, corals, and blues are the colours of the season. More open spaces, indoor plants and waterfalls, sky lights and larger windows all allow for better ventilation and lighting. Using wooden furniture also gives the impression of being outdoors.  

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