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Here’s Why Your Business Should Use Brand Advocates

The simplest definition of a brand advocate goes like this – “A person who promotes a brand or its products. He/she is someone who shares positive messages about a brand with the intent of promoting it”. In the simplest of words, a brand advocate is someone who markets your company. This could be a customer or even a celebrity who has signed up to be your ambassador. In fact, in today’s social media-driven world, we even have influential individuals such as YouTube stars who serve as brand advocates. But, the big question you probably have is why a brand advocate is needed in the first place. It’s a normal question to have. After all, there are other marketing strategies that can provide good enough results, right? Yes, you are almost right. However, adding a brand advocate to the marketing mix can enhance your existing efforts and make it much easier for you to meet your marketing goals. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a brand advocate. They are good at creating information As the online user base expands, we have more people out there who are more than willing to discuss their experiences with a product or a service. Some of those people are actually quite good at communicating such experiences. Those are brand advocates and many of them exist within your circle of customers. There is someone out there telling people about your business. You need to find this person and leverage their skills to promote yourself. They are influencers Brand advocates are influencers. Now, sharing an experience is one thing, but, what separates a brand advocate from just another customer is that they can actually influence their peers or other people into trying your brand. When they speak, people actually listen to them. Brand advocates are what Malcolm Gladwell refers to as connectors and mavens. These are people who can initiate social movements. They have a passion for learning and sharing what they’ve learned. In fact, statistics tell us that brand advocates have a 70% chance of being taken seriously. They are also 50% more likely to create influential content. They are loyal Unlike influencers, who are likely hired by your brand, brand advocates promote your brand because they actually enjoy your products/service. They are what the world of pop culture refers to as “fanboys” and “fangirls”. Did you ever check out a band just because your friend was a big fan of theirs? Well, we’ve all done that, haven’t we? We checked them out because of how much our friend loved that particular band. Brand advocates are very similar to that friend. They don’t talk about your brand because they are getting paid. They do it because they truly want the world to know how good you are. In fact, that’s how brand advocates are discovered. They’re always talking about their favorite brands and eventually end up getting noticed. Another benefit here is that their loyalty makes them more authentic and convincing.  

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