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Recruitment Blunders that Companies Make...

Experience is the best teacher, but no human is infallible. Even experienced recruiters make mistakes like these ones. Being over-confident about skills Recruitment managers are highly skilled individuals who are able to grade and see the worth of hiring a person right away. Complacency, however, can set in and pride can take over in the professional setting. How many times have you lost out on a great candidate just because you were not able to see the person in an objective light? You will never really know. Multitasking Multitasking is a great skill to have, but you need to be able to focus on getting the right person for the job. So, if you think you can create the interview list, chart out the department's, conduct the interviews, sort out resumes, and do all of that effectively, you are severely mistaken. Causing interruptions Most people who have attended interviews have come across, cocky, know it all interviewers, who do not take them seriously, and cut off candidates before they can finish what they have to say. Such interviewers immediately give the candidate a bad taste about the company. Remember that as a recruiter, you represent your company, you are not just looking for people to work for you, people are looking for a positive workplace. Being boring Recruitment is a challenging task. You might be stuck at your desk all day looking for one or two people, but interacting with tens of people. It is highly likely that you have fallen into a pattern and start using the same questions to grade everyone. Interviewing is not like an examination where everyone gets the same set of questions, rather, it needs to be a selective filtration process where each person is graded with attention. Stop asking questions like, ‘where do you see yourself in 5 years?’ or ‘tell me about yourself’ or the worst offender, ‘why should I hire you?’. Everyone expects these questions and already have rehearsed answers for them. Not being prepared If you are a Human Resources person who is interviewing people for a technical job, you need to understand that you might not know everything about what the job entails. Do not ever try to wing it. That is insulting to the candidate and you might lose out on a valuable and skilled employee. Always prepare yourself and grade your candidates according to their skills. You might want to have a person from that department to help you out with the technical aspects of the job. While there is no way to be a perfect recruiter, it is possible to avoid some blatant errors along the way. If you find yourself making any of the above mistakes, stop yourself immediately.  

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