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 Why You Should Encourage Your Employees to Speak Up 

A healthy work environment is a foundation for consistently delivering results by breaking new grounds. Encouraging your employees to speak their mind helps them feel valued and become personally invested in seeing you succeed. This ensures that you have a motivated workforce. Good communication is a two-way street. It is important for you to communicate clearly and communicate often while encouraging your employees to communicate back to you. There is a real loss of ideas and faith when employees feel like they are not being heard.  

Team building  

Any organization that keeps the lines of communication open, ensures that it remain alive and connected within itself. Encouraging your employees to speak up makes them feel like they work in an organization that is alive and active. When the lines of communication are closed or difficult to navigate, it creates pockets or sub-ecosystems in the workforce that are detached and may not be aligned with the mission and vision of the organization. So, by encouraging your employees to speak up, you make the feel more like a team player than a lone warrior.  

Feeling valued and increased performance  

Irrespective of the type of organization that you are or the industry your business functions in, employees who are encouraged to speak up feel valued. This is also especially useful if your employees work remotely. Reassuring your employees that you listen makes them connected to their work and ensures that they feel like their contributions are valued. This, in turn, increases their productivity.  

Fosters news ideas  

Employees who feel secure in communication with you are more likely to bring their ideas to you. Good communication removes apprehension and makes your workforce come forward with new ideas and helping hands. Employees will be more willing to take on a new challenge with fresh ideas when they do not fear being shot down. When employees speak up and speak often, they begin to care about their ideas and their work. Sometimes, seeing their ideas being welcomed and taking shape, makes them feel like they are an essential part of your organization, rather than feeling like they only work for your organization.  

Employee retention  

When employees feel valued and encouraged, they develop a sense of belonging. Employees tend to value good relationships over financial gains in the long run. An employee who feels valued is more likely to choose to stay with your organization than leave when an opportunity comes along.  

Good communication ensures that you foster a positive work environment. It makes you workforce feel like they are a part of a community that values them. The sense of satisfaction and security makes your employees more likely to go above and beyond the call of duty when need be. A willingly dedicated workforce is far easier to manage than one that feels detached and obligated to your organization.  

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